Essense Skin Detox 30ml

Essense Skin Detox 30ml

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 Enhances the skin's ability to eliminate free radicals, which are caused by pollution, medication and stress, amongst other causes, leaving skin purified. Replaces essential fatty acids in the skin. Skin's elasticity and wound healing are enhanced by active ingredients from Tiger's herb.

It is recommended for acne and pimples, pigmentation marks, dry and aged skin, and to prevent black and whiteheads.

It contains Tiger's herb, Vitamins A and E, UVA and UVB filters, Macadamia nut oil and Rooibos extract. Fragrance-free.

After cleansing face with Annique cleanser, apply any serums of your choice then apply Skin Detox by pressing onto face and neck. It prepares the skin for other anti-ageing products to follow in your Annique skin routine.